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The Problem

Looking for a job can be a daunting task. There are so many bases to cover, so many details to consider. And talking to recruiters can seem like a frustrating chore.

You may be speaking to them for the first time, ever. They may not be familiar with your work -- other than the 5-year-old resume they have in front of them.

Or they may be contacting you about a job that is a terrible fit for you... but you don't find out until after you've spent 10 minutes updating them on your status, your skills, and your availability.

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You Can't Afford to NOT Talk to Recuiters

Today's job market is dynamic and often uncertain. But connecting with the right recruiters can keep your career on track.

You need every advantage, when it comes to making your next move.

  • Companies right-size and downsize. Sometimes without warning.
  • Shifting markets and industries may require different skills.
  • If your professional information is out-of-date, you can miss opportunities.

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Stay in the Game... Even if You're Not Looking

  • Take the pulse of the present job market, even if you're not currently looking.
  • Work with professionals whose job it is to connect you with opportunities.
  • Keep your contact and skills information up-to-date.
  • Make sure - if they call - they're calling about the kind of work you do.

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Make Your Experience Count

Make sure every recruiter you talk to:

  • Has your most current resume
  • Knows your employment status and availability
  • Knows what kind of work / position you're seeking
  • Has your correct contact details
  • Won't pitch you on jobs that are below your pay grade

The Solution

Provide Just the Info They're Looking For. Up Front

Recruitable is a simple-to-use app that lets you create accurate, well-crafted communications to recruiters, so they'll know up front how best to serve you.

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A simple form fills in the major points that every recruiter needs to know.

  • If you're currently employed.
  • Where you're working, and for how long.
  • If you're open to new opportunities.
  • What's your next preferred move?
  • Where do you want to work -- or not want to work?
  • When can you talk? When can you start?
  • And more.

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Save your time for a real conversation.

Job searching is stressful. It takes time, and the wrong information can prolong an already lengthy process. Make sure recruiters and hiring managers have the background details they need to engage with you effectively.

  • Talk about more than numbers and dates.
  • Get a more in-depth understanding of opportunities, the personalities, and the companies involved.
  • Negotiate better by spending less time on job-seeker minutiae.

Choose the app that's right for your needs

Whether you're a passive job seeker who just wants an easy way to tell headhunters, "Thanks but no thanks," or you're actively pursuing your next career move, Recruitable lets you give placement professionals the information they need to engage with you.

Quick and easy


Get them the data they need to find your fit!

  • Simple messaging for recruiters
  • Share your employment status
  • Extended availability status
  • Next job preferences
  • Copy & paste into email replies, IMs, documents
  • Email right from the app
  • Save messages for later
  • Desktop and mobile

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Extended Features


All the Features of React and Envoy, Plus:

  • Additional messaging
  • Share even more employment details
  • Share even more availabilty details
  • ... And more
  • New features TBD

Coming Soon


Here's what's happening!

neon beta fish

August 25, 2018
The Beta Test is ON!

August 28, 2018 - September 25, Recruit Ready is in private beta test. We're kicking the tires, pushing the envelope, and generally trying to break it. That way, we'll make sure it's solid and reliable for everyone who uses it, whether you're on a mobile phone or desktop, using iOS or Android or Windows. Even Linux. :)

Recruit Ready

Recruit Ready is Now Recruitable

This is just the start of an exciting new chapter in the ongoing saga of how we find work and connect with the people who hire us. When the private Beta Test kicks off, we'll be blogging regularly about the app, what it does, how it helps, and how to make the most of it. There's a lot of capabilities locked away inside this little app, which can make your life a whole lot easier.
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This is what it's all about: Connecting people to get to the next level.

Finding the right opportunities, not wasting time on rote data collection, making each conversation count. A job search isn't just a way to get more money. It's a way to change your life. So make it worthwhile.
Every single time.
Use Recruitable to build better relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, and other placement professionals. Get the right info to the right people, and watch what a difference it can make.

Get Connected!

Don't take our word for it. Get your own Hello version for free at recruitablecps.com.

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How do I use this?

Fill out a simple form, indicating your current work situation, your preferences for future work, and your contact details. When you click Create Your Message, the app generates a properly formatted, easy-to-read message you can either copy and paste in an email response or IM, or you can email right from the app (if you join at Intro level or higher.

Can I save my messages for later?

Yes! if you join at Intro level or higher. Hello level members can create messages, but not save. If you can save, you can quickly and easily reuse your message later. With just a few clicks, update recruiters with the details they need to connect you with the right opportunities.

Is this available to my country?

Recruitable is available globally, but you may find some of the options don't meet your local needs. If you have suggestions on enhancements, you can contact us.

How many messages can I create and save?

You can create as many messages as you wish, but you can only save 4 different ones at one time, with different conditions -- working / available, not working / not available, not working / available, working / not available. Future releases will provide more saving functionality, so you can keep messages for different situations (such as permanent job preferences vs. contract preferences). Watch this space for more details.

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